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Gipsy jazz with accordion !

Click here for a big picture, 195 KB.

Download a few samples to get the feeling :

Le petit Pescador 1. 700 KB, (Luc DESROY) Chorus accordion and bigining chorus guitare.
Le petit Pescador 2. 800 KB, (Luc DESROY) Guitare's chorus and last theme.

Canassons 500 KB, (Max MARCILLY) First theme and bigining of accordion's chorus.

Quand ça marche ! 800 KB, (Max MARCILLY) First theme.

Lucille 1. 377 KB, (Luc Desroy, music and lyrique) Introduction and bigining.
Lucille 2. 372 KB, (Luc Desroy) Guitare's chorus.

Nany 359 KB (Josephe Colombo) Ending.

Swing42 424 KB (Django Reinhardt) First theme and bigining of guitare's chorus.


Some new MP3 where I'm playing accordina.

Prommenons nous dans les ... : extrait premier thème accordina.
570 KO (Bossa Max MARCILLY)

Y'en a plus : extrait premier thème accordina.
507 KO (Balade Max MARCILLY)

Y'en a plus : fin du second thème accordina suivi d'un point d'orgue en solo.
858 KO (Balade Max MARCILLY)


Gipsy Jazz and acordion !

Les Misters de Paris are a quartets: on guitar Laurent BESOMBES and Luc DESROY; on bass Patrick LAROCHE, and on the accordion Max MARCILLY - That's me!
Following in the footsteps of the famous French accordionist, Gus Viseur, our repertoire consists mainly of swing-waltzes, and some of Django Reinhardt's famous swing jazz.
We also play a few French songs like thos of Jean Sablon, Charles Trenet, Henri Salvador and some of our own compositions.

Who am I ?

I was born in Argenteuil, France, in 1963. I had my first accordion lesson when I was six. At the age of eight I went on to study the piano, and classical theory and harmony at the Institut National des Jeunes aveugles, where I passed my Bacchalauréat F11 (sound and music technology).
I continue my studies at the Sorbonne where I read musicology . I became fascinated by Jazz, and enrolled for a few lessons, started playing piano with a couple of bands, and forgot to go to my university lectures...

Jazz pianist:

I studied four two years at the ARPEJ school of music and my career took off as jazz pianist in jazz clubs, restaurants, and pubs and in some music festivals in the suburbs of Paris.
In 1994 I enrolled in the piano-jazz section of the CNR du Val Maubué (Seine et Marne) where I was awarded a gold medal three years later. At that time my musical inspiration came essentially from, Bill Evans, Red Garland, Chet Baker and Stan getz.

Then back to the accordion :

In 1990 I was very impressed by a sequel of three albums of swing-watzes and (Musette) called (Paris Musette), played by some of the best known accordionists. Which became my (gospel). Then there was Jango, Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson and the American accordionist Art Van Dam who I discovered on the radio (his CDs were not available in france at the time).
In 1999 I went on holiday with some friends who asked me to take my accordion with me. Who could have guessed that just a year later, with my squeeze-box on my knee, I would join the group (La Mome Caoutchouc) who played (musette) in a number of venues around and about Paris.


We started the group with my old friend Patrick Laroche with whom I had played in a number of jazz formations : Piano bass; sextet; etc. He stayed with me when I decided to take up the accordion, and I think he enjoyed himself! Ten years ago he wouldn't hear of any one but Ron Carter, now you can find him playing in different gypsy-jazz groups.
Laurent Besombes is our rhythm guitar, and also a very good accopanyist.
I met Luc Desroy some time ago. At that time he was playing jazz fusion using electric guitar with distorsion. I heard him again on acoustic guitar at a Gypsy-Jazz jam session where I was impressed by his livlely solos. So we asked him to join us.

...And here we are!

I hope you will call on us for you next musical venue…

Contact :

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Cell phone : 06 81 48 57 94

Best wishes

Max Marcilly

! ! !

I should like to thank Judith for the translation.

last modified: 12/12/2005